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Intrusive ads can completely destroy the experience of using certain sites. With the VZents ad blocker, this problem can be solved quickly. We ensure your confidentiality

Why Choose Us?

Whether you use streaming sites or any other pages on the web, ads are everywhere and their number only seems to grow. They not only ruin your experience of watching videos or reading articles, but they can also be the source of malware that can affect your device. To increase your level of safety, you can install an ad blocker, such as VZents. It is a browser extension, which is easy to use and free.

Benefits you get when using VZents

Benefits you get when using VZents Installing this lightweight extension on your device will take only a few minutes. You can make adjustments in the settings and decide whether you want to add some sites to the white list. With the help of the browser extension, you can:
Get rid of ads

Get rid of ads on videos and pages (banners, pop-ups, etc.)


Eliminate spam on streaming platforms


Make pages load faster


Avoid clicking on trackers and suspicious links


How is it a working


We ensure your confidentiality

Privacy and confidentiality are among the most important things we focus on. Our ad blocker browser extension was developed with the intention of making your browsing experience safer. We use modern encryption technology to protect your privacy, so we don’t see your online activity. All we get is your activity in the actual extension for statistical purposes.


We understand that you may want to learn more about our privacy policy.

Also, we have a detailed End User License Agreement. This information is available in our additional sections.

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